Toast, the best thing since sliced bread!

Korina Richmond
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Image one slice of raisin bread sliced into two triangles served on baking paper and a cutting board with a knife and jug of milk on the side

Coming up with healthy lunches and snacks on a daily basis and on a budget can be a challenge.  We often overlook the humble toast and toasties. Check out these simple ideas:

1. Sweet snacks

Adding fruit to your toast or toasties makes for a delicious and fibre-rich snack.

  • Try adding a thin layer of ricotta to a slice of wholegrain toast and topping it with banana slices and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
  • Make a fruit toastie using slices of banana, apple and pear with a sprinkle of mixed spice.
  • Raisin toast with a thin layer of reduced-salt margarine or light cream cheese also makes a healthy, sweet treat.

2. Classic baked bean toastie

The baked bean toastie is a classic for a reason.  It is tasty, easy to make and very nutritious.  For a twist on the classic, try adding sliced fresh tomato and a sprinkle of cheese. This also provides some additional fibre and a source of calcium. Why not try reduced-salt baked beans – you won’t taste the difference!

3. Filling lunch

Having some vegies and a source of protein in a toastie makes a nutritious and filling lunch.

  • Eggs with cheese and spinach make for a healthy, oozy toastie.
  • Slice a boiled egg onto a piece of wholegrain toast.
  • Try a cheese, spinach/capsicum/mushroom and tomato toastie for a tasty twist on a classic sandwich.

4. Leftovers toastie

Leftovers can be reimagined into a delicious lunch. There is no better way to use leftover spaghetti bolognaise or meatballs than as a toastie filling.

5. Dips

Nutritious dips used as a spread on wholegrain toast can make for a healthy lunch or snack.  Think guacamole, babaganoush, hummus or salsa.  Top with your favourite ingredients to make it more filling, for example guacamole with tomato and onion slices or salsa topped with our Mexican meatballs.

Use wholemeal bread for a fibre boost. Eating a diet high in fibre can help reduce your risk of bowel cancer.

At around 15c a slice, using home brand wholemeal bread makes for a budget-friendly meal or snack.

So, break out the bread and start getting creative.

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